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07 29 2022

Chester's Partners with Haul Hero

Chester's is proud to partner with Haul Hero, a new App that helps Truck Drivers make more money, manage expenses, and easily locate Chester's on their routes!

07 26 2022

The Untold Truth Of Chester's Chicken

You can find fast food chicken just about anywhere — Jollibee, Chick-fil-A, Popeyes, of course, but one chicken chain that you may have heard of is Chester's Chicken. Though it might not be the first fast food or chicken restaurant that pops up in your mind, it's still one of the better places to go if you like fried poultry.

07 07 2022

QSR Magazine: Chester's Chicken Opens Store in Fort Worth, Texas

Chester’s Chicken, the fan-favorite fresh fried chicken quick-service restaurant concept with 1,200 locations around the country, is back in Fort Worth.  The chain has close to 70 locations in the Lone Star state.

06 29 2022

Convenience Store News: WHAT'S IN STORE: ARKO, Cubby's, Love's Travel Stops, MAPCO & Yesway

The convenience store industry landscape is constantly changing as chains open and close stores each week. On a regular basis, Convenience Store News highlights these comings and goings in this special roundup.

05 26 2022

Chester’s Chicken Has a New Honey Stung Chicken Sandwich

Chester’s Chicken is upping its chicken sandwich game with the launch of the new Honey Stung Chicken Sandwich.

05 25 2022

Sweet Meets Heat: Chester’s Chicken Introduces Honey Stung Chicken Sandwich and Bites Nationwide

“We’ve already staked claim that we’ve been making the juiciest, crunchiest chicken on the planet for decades,” said William Culpepper, vice president of marketing, Chester’s Chicken. “We’re now turning up the heat with our new extra spicy seasoning as well as fan-favorite Honey Stung Chicken, available this summer only to add a kick to the road trip season.”

05 24 2022

Chester's Chicken Adds Honey Stung Chicken Sandwich

Summer is about to get a littler hotter. Chester's Chicken, the cult-favorite fresh fried chicken quick-service restaurant concept with 1,200 locations, is adding sweet heat to its menu: Honey Stung Chicken Sandwich and Honey Stung Chicken Bites.

05 23 2022

Sweet Meets Heat: Chester's Chicken Introduces Honey Stung Chicken Sandwich and Bites Nationwide

The popular LTOs prepared with Frank's RedHot® Stingin' Honey Garlic™ Sauce are back on menus for the summer only – and this time at all Chester's locations

05 20 2022

Making Meals On-Site

C-store foodservice is aimed at growth after surviving a pandemic-related shutdown.

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