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06 26 2023

6 New Fast-Food Items You Can Finally Try This Week


June is a particularly exciting month in the world of fast-food.

If you frequent fast-food restaurants, chances are that you've built a set of go-to orders at your favorite chains, whether that may be a Big Mac and fries at McDonald's or a Chicken Sandwich and coleslaw at Popeyes. But one of the most exciting parts about being a fast-food fan is the knowledge that menus are almost always changing, so you can look forward to trying new food options at major chains quite often.

This week is a particularly exciting one in the world of fast food, with major chains like Burger King and Taco Bell launching several new, long-awaited items. These include highly-requested favorites that are returning to menus after past limited-time stints, as well as some brand-new or revamped offerings.

Here are the six new and returning items that you can order right now if you're looking to mix it up!

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